Highly Recommended

My name is Kevin M and I’ve been a real estate broker in Michigan for almost 30 years. When my brother in law became seriously ill in Chattanooga, TN this year it became necessary for us to sell his home and move him back to Michigan for further treatment. Being in this business for as long as I have, I knew how vitally important it would be for us to hire the right professional to provide this service for us. His property was located on navigable creek frontage in an isolated neighborhood of larger homes with extremely limited sales comparisons. In other words, it would provide our chosen professional with a more than an ample challenge. To be honest, Gail Newman was not even on our radar in the beginning. Since we had not chosen a Realtor yet, my brother in law stuck a FSBO sign in the yard and she took the initiative to stop by and talk. After much consideration, we gave his listing to her and it was the best decision that could have ever been made. She listened intently, acted on everything she promised to do and, ultimately, went well beyond the scope of her duties to deliver one of the best experiences any of us could have ever have hoped for. Not only did she secure good offers for us, but she was extremely effective in advocating for, and receiving, a fairer appraisal for the property. Due to my brother in laws circumstances, she then went beyond what anyone would ever expect and also voluntarily handled the sale of his belongings. Here are just a few things to really think about. In the real estate business I own with my son, we employ top flight accounting and legal professionals. We pay them not only for what and who they know, but also for their level of ability to out think and overcome the issues that come along in our business. In our view, choosing a Realtor should be no different. Since the fees paid are certainly not cheap, why would anyone expect any less from their Realtor than they do from their other professionals? Without reservation, I can say this; if you are looking for the highest quality assistance in either buying or selling real estate in the Chattanooga area, you can do no better than Gail. In our book, she’s simply the best.

— Kevin M